Cultivate and Engage

An online platform to help enhance and simplify the giving process for nonprofits.

Engage Your Core Supporters
& Prospective Donors

OrchardGives was founded with the goal to help mobilize nonprofits to find better ways to engage their core and prospective donors within their communities, and enhance the giving experience. We understand the importance of donors, and recognize the vital role they play within your organization.

Our extensive knowledge and experience with nonprofits, as well as in software, technology, and operations, make us the perfect partner. We know nonprofits, and we care about them.

Our founders have spent countless hours working for and volunteering with nonprofits, from stuffing envelopes to running camps to developing major donor recognition programs. No task is ever too small, and we know that from experience.

We believe it’s important to work with people who clearly understand your specific needs and goals, and who are passionate about taking you down the path to success.

Special events and campaigns are key
fundraising components for most nonprofits.

With that in mind we designed an easy-to-use, web-based platform to provide nonprofits with the tools needed, not only to increase donations at events and for campaigns, but also to cultivate existing donor relationships, and to grow new ones.

Our web-based platform is easy to use and requires minimal training so your staff and volunteers can use it right away.

Enhance Donor Engagement & Relations

Use customizable email templates to distribute reminders and updates to donors, communicate news and announcements, and facilitate recurring donations.

Facilitate Immediate Online Donations & Communications

Easily develop a page for your website (and mobile devices) where you can announce and promote special events and campaigns, and immediately collect donations.

Rely On A Safe & Secure Platform

SSL security and PCI compliance are in place to provide your donors with complete security and peace of mind.

Generate Reports

Implement planning tools, and generate reports and analysis to help manage donor engagement to formulate the best possible business decisions.

The OrchardGives platform allows nonprofits to do everything for your special events and campaigns from start to finish. Ease-of-use and efficiency are coveted attributes, especially during the frenzy of coordinating and kicking off a special event or campaign.

OrchardGives can help you cultivate and engage donors, and manage and enhance the giving experience.

Wondering how we came up with the name OrchardGives and, in turn, why we started our company?

It all began when we were attendees and donors at events ourselves. We wanted to solve a few problems that we experienced during the giving process:

  • How can small nonprofits easily and efficiently collect donations at special events and campaigns that are trackable?
  • Small nonprofits often rely on limited staff and volunteers. What tools would they need that are easy to use and require minimal training?
  • There are many worthy organizations that rely on donations. How can small nonprofits stand out in a crowded field and promote their programs and services?
  • How can small nonprofits gain clarity and understanding of who donates at their events and campaigns, and why they donate?

As far as our name, OrchardGives, our thoughts turned to something that was growth oriented, sustainable, and renewable. Something that brought “fruit from our labor.” These are some of the same qualities that small nonprofits embrace. The rest is history, but we continue to keep our eye on the future.

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